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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bibliography and articles of Herman te Velde

A bibliography of Herman te Velde,
with several publications being available online:

"The Egyptian God Seth as a Trickster",
in: JARCE 7 (1968), 37–40.
→ pdf
"Some Remarks on the Structure of Egyptian Divine Triads",
in: JEA 57 (1971), 180–186.
→ pdf
"A Few Remarks upon the Religious Significance of Animals in Ancient Egypt",
in: Numen 27 (1980), 76–82.
→ pdf
"Some Remarks on the Mysterious Language of the Baboons",
in: Funerary Symbols and Religions. Essays dedicated to Professor M.S.H.G. Heerma van Voss on the occasion of his retirement from the Chair of the History of Ancient Religions at the University of Amsterdam. Edited by J.H. Kamstra, H. Milde, K. Wagtendonk (Kampen 1988), 129–101.
→ pdf
"Egyptian Hieroglyphs as Linguistic Signs and Metalinguistic Informants",
in:Visible Religion. Annual for Religious Iconography VI [1987] (Leiden 1988), 169–179.
→ pdf
"Kulturkritik und Religionsreform im Alten Ägypten nach Gerardus van der Leeuw",
in: Religionswissenschaft und Kulturkritik. Beiträge zur Konferenz 'The History of Religions and Critique of Culture in the Days of Gerardus van der Leeuw (1890–1950)'. Herausgegeben von Hans G. Kippenberg und Brigitte Luchesi (Marburg 1991), 93–99.
→ pdf
"Harry Mulisch en zijn 'De Ontdekking van de Hemel'",
in: Goffe Jensma & Yme Kuiper (red.), De god van Nederland is de beste. Elf opstellen over religie in de moderne Nederlandse literatuur (Kampen, Kok Agora, 1997), 156–168.
→ pdf
"Mut and Other Ancient Egyptian Goddesses",
in: Jacke Phillips et al. (ed.),Ancient Egypt, the Aegean, and the Near East: Studies in Honour of Martha Roads Bell, Vol. I (San Antonio, Texas, 1998), 455–462.
→ pdf

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