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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fs. Edward F. Wente

SAOC 58. 
Contributors and Contributions:
C. E. Jones 
"Publications and Communications of Edward F. Wente"
J. P. Allen 
"A Monument of Khaemwaset Honoring Imhotep"
J. Baines 
"Feuds or Vengeance? Rhetoric and Social Forms"
J. von Beckerath 
"Theban Seventeenth Dynasty"
E. Brovarski 
"Inventory Offering Lists and the Nomenclature for Boxes and Chests in the Old Kingdom"
L. H. Corcoran 
"A Case for Narrativity: Gilt Stucco Mummy Cover in the Graeco-Roman Museum, Alexandria, Inv. 27808"
E. Cruz-Uribe 
"Opening of the Mouth as Temple Ritual"
R. J. Demaree 
"A Letter of Reproach"
P. F. Dorman 
"Creation on the Potter's Wheel at the Eastern Horizon of Heaven"
G. Englund 
"The Border and the Yonder Side"
R. B. Finnestad 
"Enjoying the Pleasures of Sensation: Reflections on a Significant Feature of Egyptian Religion"
J. L. Foster 
"Some Comments on Khety's Instruction for Little Pepi on His Way to School (Satire on the Trades)"
P. J. Frandsen 
"On Fear of Death and the Three bwts Connected with Hathor"
H. Goedicke 
"Two Inlaid Inscriptions of the Earliest Middle Kingdom"
S. I. Groll 
"Historical Background to the Exodus: Papyrus Anastasi VIII"
J. E. Harris 
"The Mummy of Amenhotep III"
Z. Hawass 
"Fragmentary Quartzite Female Hand Found in Abou-Rawash"
H. Jacquet-Gordon 
"Two Stelae of King Seqenenre Djehuty-aa of the Seventeenth Dynasty"
J. J. Janssen 
"A Marital Title from the New Kingdom"
R. Jasnow 
"Remarks on Continuity in Egyptian Literary Tradition"
J. H. Johnson 
"Ethnic Considerations in Persian Period Egypt"
W. R. Johnson 
"The nfrw-Collar Reconsidered"
K. A. Kitchen 
"The Wealth of Amun of Thebes under Ramesses II"
R. Krauss 
"Wie jung ist die memphitische Philosophie auf dem Shabaqo-Stein?"
B. S. Lesko 
"'Listening' to the Ancient Egyptian Woman: Letters, Testimonials, and Other Expressions of Self"
L. H. Lesko 
"Some Further Thoughts on Chapter 162 of the Book of the Dead"
T. J. Logan 
"Royal Iconography of Dynasty 0"
J. G. Manning 
"The Auction of Pharaoh"
P. Der Manuelian 
"Semi-Literacy in Egypt: Some Erasures from the Amarna Period"
N. B. Millet 
"Vinegar at Deir el-Medina"
W. J. Murnane 
"Observations on Pre-Amarna Theology during the Earliest Reign of Amenhotep IV"
J. Osing 
"Zum Kultbildritual in Abydos"
P. A. Piccione 
"Sportive Fencing as a Ritual for Destroying the Enemies of Horus"
R. K. Ritner 
"An Oblique Reference to the Expelled High Priest Osorkon?"
A. M. Roth 
"The Ahhotep Coffins: The Archaeology of an Egyptological Reconstruction"
D. P. Silverman 
"A Litany from the Eighteenth Dynasty Tomb of Merneith"
W. K. Simpson 
"Nag-ed-Deir Papyri"
M. J. Smith 
"O. Hess = O. Naville = O. BM 50601: An Elusive Text Relocated"
E. Teeter 
"Celibacy and Adoption among God's Wives of Amun and Singers in the Temple of Amun: A Re-examination of the Evidence"
C. C. Van Siclen III 
"New Kingdom Temples at Elkab"
T. G. Wilfong 
"Menstrual Synchrony and the 'Place of Women' in Ancient Egypt (OIM 13512)"
B. B. Williams 
"Serra East and the Mission of the Middle Kingdom Fortresses in Nubia"
F. J. Yurco 
"End of the Late Bronze Age and Other Crisis Periods: A Volcanic Cause?"

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